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L&M Valve is a unique high performance polymer lined valve with 30 years of industry experience in bi-directional knife gate shutoff, polymer lined knife gate and slide gate valves.  L&M has set the bar for high performance polymer lined valves providing proven performance in isolation with the ability to provide a positive packing gland seal in pressures ranging from 0 PSI to 1,000 PSI and from 2” through 60” in diameter.  L&M’s field-repairable products offer customers a repairable asset that has achieved global recognition for demanding applications in the mining, power, water and general process industries.

The L&M Valve high performance knife gate valves, uniquely lined with technologically advanced polymers, are designed to adapt to a wide variety of applications from severe abrasion to 100% pure water.  L&M products are designed for bi-directional shutoff, and their high cycle rate packing seal-ability provides for long service life.  The L&M Valve brand is suitable for isolation in mining, water, power and general process industries, and is globally recognized for long service life and is capable of very high pressures without the need for an external bonnet.  Its engineering and design capability combined with experienced manufacturing help to ensure quality products that set the benchmark for customer expectation.

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