100% full port
Bidirectional shut-off
Positive seal packing
2” thru 60” 300 psi CWP
Three-piece replaceable liner available in UHMW, Polypropylene, Teflon® or other materials

The three-piece liner of the M145 with the T-Lock insert provides you excellent performance, long service life and ease of maintenance. The liners are precision cut, placed into the valve frame and sealed with a silicone compound to assure perfect alignment and a superior seal. Available in different materials to suit many applications. The T-Lock insert of the M145 and M345 is designed for the most demanding services. The inverted T-Shape of the insert assures it will not pull out or extrude into the flow area. The front and back liner pieces overlap the insert, locking it in place. This assures maximum liner and seat performance in heavy solids.