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A-T Controls, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures valves, actuators and valve control products. Founded in 1994, A-T Controls currently operates out of the primary facility in Cincinnati, Ohio and another in Stafford, Texas with several sales offices throughout North America. Our Products are sold and serviced through a network of Distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada, and parts of Central and South America.
A-T Controls product line includes:

▪ TRIAC Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators

100 – 40,000 inch lbs. Torque Available in Double Acting and Spring Return

▪ TRIAC Scotch Yoke Actuators

Symmetric & Canted Design
Torques 400 – 1,600,000 inch lbs. Available in Double Acting & Spring Return

▪ TRIAC Stainless Steel and 180 degree Pneumatic Actuators

▪ TRIAC Pneumatic and Electro-pneumatic Accessories

Limit Switches, Solenoids, Positioners, Manual Overrides

▪ TRIAC Electric Actuators

300-80,000 inch lbs. Torque, On/Off and 4-20 Modulating actuators

▪ TRIAC Manual and Automated Ball Valve Packages

Threaded, Socket Weld, & Butt Weld; Carbon or Stainless Steel Automated Ball Valves (up to 4”)
ANSI 150 -600LB Flanged Carbon and Stainless Automated Ball Valves (up to 12”)
3-way Automated Ball Valves (up to 12”)
API 607D FIRESAFE Automated Ball Valves (up to 6”)
Sanitary End Automated Ball Valves (up to 4”)

▪ TRIAC Metal Seat Products

Metal Seated Valves, 3 Piece (½”-2”), Flanged (½”-8”), ANSI 150-600LB

▪ TRIAC Control Valves

V-Port and V-Segment Control Valves

▪ TRIAC Butterfly Valves (Rubber Seated)

Ductile Iron Body (2” and larger)
Stainless Steel Body (2”-12”)

▪ TRIAC High Performance Butterfly Valves

Soft Seat, Metal Seat, Firesafe

▪ A-T Custom Valve Automation Systems

Special Control Circuits
Fusible Link Valves
Damper Drive Systems
ESD Applications
Floor Drives

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